An online educational resource dedicated to the photography of fungi;
mushrooms, toadstools, brackets, cups, plant diseases etc., found
in South-West England, especially Devon and Cornwall, by David Fenwick.

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Class Arthoniomycetes

Order Arthoniales
Family Roccellaceae - Family includes Scribble and Dot Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungus

Class Eurotiomycetes

Subclass Chaetothyriomycetidae

Order Pyrenulales
Family Pyrenulaceae

Subclass Mycocaliciomycetidae

Order Mycocaliciales
Family Mycocaliciaceae - Family includes Holy Pins

Order Verrucariales
Family Verrucariaceae - Family includes Tar and Wart Lichens

Class Lecanoromycetes

Subclass Acarosporomycetidae

Order Acarosporales
Family Acarosporaceae - Family includes Cracked Lichens

Subclass Lecanoromycetidae

Order Lecanorales
Family Bacidiaceae - Family includes Black Shields and Earth Wrinkles Lichen
Family Cladoniaceae - Family includes Pixie-cup, Nipple, Powderhorn and Reindeer Lichens.
Family Lecanoraceae - Family includes Rim Lichens
Family Parmeliaceae - Family includes Smokey Crottle, Treeflutes, Oakmoss, Punctelia, Shield, Toad, Tube, Loop, Beard and Ruffle Lichens
Family Ramalinaceae - Family includes Sea Ivory and Cartilage Lichens
Family Rhizocarpaceae - Family includes Map Lichens
Family Sphaerophoraceae
Family Stereocaulaceae

Order Lecideales
Family Lecideaceae - Family includes Rust Disk, Lecidella and Lecidea Lichens
Family Porpidiaceae

Order Peltigerales
Family Collemataceae - Family includes Jelly, Jelly Skin and Skin Lichens
Family Pannariaceae - Family includes Degelia
Family Peltigeraceae - Family includes Dog Lichens

Order Teloschistales
Family Caliciaceae
Family Physciaceae - Family includes Pleated White, Disc and Strap Lichens, including the rare Ciliate Strap Lichen.
Family Teloschistaceae - Family includes Firedot, Golden Hair, Golden-eye, Scrambled Egg and Orange Lichens

Subclass Ostropomycetidae

Order Ostropales
Family Graphidaceae
Family Porinaceae

Order Pertusariales
Family Pertusariaceae - Family includes Powdery Saucer, Crab-eye and Pore Lichens

incertae sedis

Order Candelariales
Family Candelariaceae - Family includes Egg-yolk Lichens

Family Chaetosphaerellaceae

Chaetosphaerella phaeostroma - A Lichenized Fungus

Class Leotiomycetes

Order Gyalectales
Family Coenogoniaceae - includes Dimerella
Family Gyalectaceae - includes Belonia

Class Lichinomycetes

Order Lichinales
Family Lichinaceae - Family includes Black Lichens

Class Incertae sedis

Order Incertae sedis
Family Xanthopyreniaceae - Family includes Lichens of Barnacles and Shells.

Lichenicolous Fungi

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